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SmileDirectClub has changed my smile completely! And I am really happy with the way my teeth have shifted and been re-aligned with the help of their clear braces. I had a good gap between my teeth which affected my smile and appearance. So, instead of going for the traditional braces, I opted for the clear braces offered by SmileDirectClub. Thankfully, the choice I made proved to be perfect for my teeth and within just 4 months of the treatment, I could see the difference. It took me almost 7 months to realign the teeth as expected by their experts. The aligners are so easy to use and take care. And I never had any problems with their fitting or inner cheek cuts because of them. So yes, I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to realign their teeth and correct their smiles.

Grace Collins – SmileDirectClub
Naperville, Illinois
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I started using Invisalign for my crowded lower jaw teeth. I visited two dentists and that’s when one of them suggested Invisalign to me. I already had some idea about them but, after the dentist described the entire process with me, I became surer that it would help me correct my teeth. I paid the amount and then they started with the treatment. They had to remove a tooth, but then the following result was absolutely great. After 6 months of the treatment, the result I saw for my lower jaw was absolutely amazing. I don’t have bite issues anymore and I stopped eating a lot of snack food which further helped me stop eating junk. I am really thankful to Invisalign for the change in my smile.

Jason – Invisalign
Saint George
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When I was in my teens, my dentist had suggested traditional braces for the gaps in between my teeth in the upper jaw. But because of my college expenses and schedule, I couldn’t go for them. But now that I have a good job I chose to go for their at-night treatment plan. The aligners are good quality, thick and really strong. I wore them all night without fail which resulted to the amazing results I received in a very short time. As promised, the results are just as they had shown in the preview. They are a genuine company and I am happy that I chose Byte over all other brands.

Rosetta Parks – Byte

Clear Braces – Everything You Must Know About Them!

Every year, millions of Americans choose teeth alignment treatment methods for multiple reasons, such as cosmetic conditions, bite problems and more. Also, based on the reports of American Association of Orthodontists, one in every five people suffering from such dental conditions is an adult.

Traditional braces are undoubtedly an expensive treatment method. Additionally, they are frustrating, inconvenient and cause great discomfort. Patients who wear traditional braces also have restrictions on several food items. And with a hectic work schedule, most people don’t get the time to frequently visit their orthodontist.

Gratefully, there are a number of options available today for invisible braces. They are not only reasonably priced but also reduce a large percentage of the inconvenience caused usually by the traditional braces. Moreover, with the wide number of providers available in the market, it has become extremely easy to get the best invisible braces and also the best results without even visiting an orthodontist’s clinic once. But, in order to make sure that you get the best results, it is important that you choose a good provider that guarantees you quick and successful results. But, how do you choose the most optimal invisibles for your dental conditions?

In order to help you choose the best clear braces for you, we have analysed the top clear braces providers in the country just for you. Here is a complete guide on clear braces to help you choose the best providers for your dental problems. Read everything about clear braces, their pros and cons, the difference between traditional braces and clear braces, how they work and the costs.

Dental problems such as crooked teeth, gaps and teeth crowding are some of the most common dental conditions suffered by people across the world. Teeth aligners, as the name suggests are orthodontic devices that help re-align your teeth in a small duration of time.

Invisible braces come in a variety of types, mostly depending on the material used to make them. These include, lingual, ceramic and clear braces. Amongst all these available varieties, clear braces have gained great popularity because of their almost invisible appearance. They are made of hard, high quality, BPA free plastic that helps realign your teeth in the shortest time duration. These braces are custom-made based on your teeth impression and need to be changed at regular intervals to finally achieve your desired result.

Before you check each and every available clear braces option in the market, let us try to understand how they work. Here is a detailed but brief explanation on how these at-home teeth straightening kits work.

– The entire process begins with you buying an at-home impression kit to create the perfect impression of your teeth. Once you have the impression, you are required to send it back to the clear braces providers for analysis.

– The experts will check the impression and decide whether you are an eligible candidate or not for the clear braces.

– If you are an eligible candidate, the clear braces providers you have chosen will send you a treatment plan and a probable post-treatment result for you.

– If you choose to go ahead with their treatment plan, you will simply need to accept and purchase their services. After this, the company will send you your customised aligners, right at your door-step.

– The first aligners will help shift your teeth slowly and gradually towards the final destination based on the treatment plan.

– You need to wear these aligners for a specific number of hours in a day to help shift your teeth.

– Your aligners will need to be changed frequently based on the result achieved from the last aligners and the desired outcome.

– Throughout the treatment course, your teeth will be aligned perfectly as predicted by the orthodontists or experts.

– Once the treatment is over, you will be given retainers to help ensure that your realigned teeth stay in perfect shape forever.

Invisible braces and traditional braces, although they help you achieve the same results, they differ in their methods, material used, treatment time period, and also the cost. Let’s take a small look at how they differ from each other.

Methods: Traditional braces and invisible braces differ from each other in their appearance and the material used. Traditional braces are permanent and cannot be removed once they are fixed on your teeth. This also affects the treatment period in the patient.

However, the invisible braces are not permanent fixtures and instead can be removed when eating your meals or drinking juices. They need to be worn for a minimum number of hours every day to receive the desired results.

Material used: The traditional braces use metallic silver or white ceramic braces that pushes your teeth and re-aligns them in a proper line. On the contrary, the invisible braces are made out of hard plastic that are custom designed to fit your teeth.

Treatment Period: Traditional braces have a treatment period between 1 and 2 years. Also, the treatment period elongates if your braces break frequently. While, the invisible braces take an average time of only 6-18 months to re-align your teeth and gaps. Also, when you use invisible braces during the treatment period, you don’t have to make frequent office visits to your orthodontist unlike in traditional braces, where you need to meet your orthodontist every monthly.

Cost: The treatment cost of both the treatment methods varies due to a number of factors that affect the treatment, such as type of braces, location and treatment duration. However, the average cost of the treatments are:

– Traditional Braces: Average cost is between $1800 and $5,500.

– Clear Braces: Average cost is around $5,500

In traditional braces, the orthodontist plays a major role in fixing your dental condition. In fact, every month you need to visit your orthodontist to check your braces and keep a track of your treatment.

However with clear braces, you might never have to visit an orthodontist during the treatment procedure. You will receive your clear braces directly from the providers and not from a dentist or an orthodontist. However, your treatment is closely studied by the dental experts associated with the provider you choose so as to make sure that you receive the results in the best time period.

Eligibility is one of the most important factors with Invisible Braces. Not everyone is eligible for these braces.

There are certain extreme dental conditions that clear braces cannot treat. You need drastic treatment methods such as dental surgery or metal braces to treat such conditions. These conditions include wide gaps (more than 6mm between teeth), high degree teeth rotation, and crowded teeth. In order to check whether you are eligible to use clear braces, you will simply have to make the impression of your teeth and send it for analysis to the respective clear braces provider you choose. The experts will check your impression and consider whether your dental condition can be fixed or not by their braces.

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