Oct 25, 2022 | Clear Braces

5 Top Companies That Provide At-Home Invisible Braces Services

Peri Elgrot

Top 10 Clear Braces Expert

Enjoy straight teeth in just 6 months’ time – Isn’t it almost impossible to believe? But what is the truth surrounding these companies that offer you invisible braces in the comfort and safety of your home? Are they really genuine and as successful as they promise without making a single visit to your orthodontist? Invisible braces sound like a great option for some people but it doesn’t work for everyone. But with its increasing popularity, the promise they make to their customers and the convenience offered, a larger number of people are opting for these braces instead of the traditional orthodontic braces.

In this article, let’s take a look at the topmost brands that offer invisible braces, their treatment plans, how they work and if you should choose invisible braces over the traditional braces that cost thousands of dollars.

Invisible Braces – What Are They?

Call them Clear Aligners or Invisible Braces, they are both the same. Invisible braces are also commonly called as Invisalign which is also one of the most famous brands in the market offering clear braces to their customers.

Invisible braces work the same way as the traditional metallic braces by slowly adjusting the crooked teeth and realigning them to correct the dental conditions. The only difference is that these invisible braces are made of hard, high quality, BPA free plastic, they are removable and transparent. So, you can easily wear them all through the day and also remove them when you eat or brush your teeth. Unlike the metallic braces, these invisible braces will not cut the insides of your cheek with their sharp brackets which is actually a great relief.

Clear aligners are mostly provider-to-direct- customer services. You send your dental impression and receive your clear aligners directly through mail. All you have to do is simply take a good impression of your teeth and send back the impression kit back to the company. Dentists and orthodontists in the company will analyse your impression and create customised clear aligners for your teeth and help realign your teeth.

Where To Order These Clear Aligners?

In today’s time, we order almost everything online right from groceries to medical supplies. In fact, you can also get an online consultation with a doctor and get your diagnosis through your phone. This means no taking appointments at your orthodontist’s office and not sitting for long hours in the waiting rooms for getting your braces fixed. This further makes invisible aligners more convenient for the users.

Top 5 Invisible Braces Companies

Here are the best 5 companies in the market that offer at-home invisible braces services. Read and compare their services to choose the best one for you and your requirement.


Cost: $89 per month for 24 months Or $1950 total amount

Treatment Duration: Between 4 and 6 month (can be longer based on the treatment and dental condition)

Finance Options: Associated with UnitedHealthCare, Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, Blue Shield, Empire BlueCross BlueShield. You can also check the coverage offered by Delta Dental, Cigna, Met Life and Humana. They also accept finances from HSA, CareCredit and FSA.

Treatment Method: Buy an impression kit for the analysis from the providers or simply visit their SmileShop to get a 3D teeth analysis on the spot.


Cost: $99 per month for 24 months Or $2400 total amount

Treatment Duration: Between 6 to 11 months

Finance Options: Accepts finances from HSA, FSA and a few other insurance companies that offer orthodontic benefits. For remote treatment check the code D8040.

Treatment Method: Order a starter kit for taking your impression. This is a fully refundable kit. So, if the team of orthodontists at Candid doesn’t consider you as a good candidate, you will get your money back for the kit. Or you can also visit a Candid Studio to check your eligibility and also fit your aligners.


Cost: $83 per month for 24 months Or $1,895 total amount

Treatment Duration: Average 5 months. For faster treatment time, you can choose the Hyperbyte treatment option. This offers you an additional vibration frequency tool to push your teeth and realign them faster. If you choose the HyperByte option, the treatment time is just 3 months.

Finance Options: CareCredit, HSA, FSA and a few other eligible dental insurance companies.

Treatment Method: Buy an impression kit directly from Byte and send them back your impression for analysis. This kit is completely refundable if you are not an eligible candidate for the braces. However, if you are considered a good candidate then you will receive your aligners in the next shipment.


Cost: $1895 Total amount (no other payment plans)

Treatment Duration: Between 6 to 8 months

Finance Options: Accepts FSA and HSA plans. You can also check with your insurance company for the insurance code – D8040.

Treatment Method: Buy the impression kit from SmileLove and send back your impression for analysis. If you are approved, then you will receive your retainers and a teeth whitening kit in the next shipment.



Cost: $1749 total amount Or choose their payment plan offers with Affirm

Treatment Duration: Between 3 and 18 months

Finance Options: Accepts only a few eligible insurance companies and FSA.

Treatment Method: Choose an online assessment for your teeth and buy their impression kit to send your dental impression to their experts. You will receive your aligners via mail right at your doorstep.

Invisalign – Understanding the Difference

One of the best and most popular clear aligner providers in the market, we have not added Invisalign in our list here for a reason. Well, this is because Invisalign is NOT a DIRECT Company-to-Customer provider. If you need to get the invisible aligners, then you will have to simply make an appointment with their orthodontist to get the perfect fit for your Invisaligns. Also, you will have to take appointments regularly at your orthodontist’s office to make sure that your Invisaligns are perfect.

These are the disadvantages of using Invisaligns, especially if you are looking for direct company-to-customer aligner services at home. But overall, Invisaligns have their own number of benefits.

For instance, the regular visits to your orthodontist will ensure that your treatment is on the right track and your clear aligners are working perfectly. During every appointment, your orthodontist will check your aligners for issues and make sure that there are no signs of gum erosion or gaps.

Are you Eligible for Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners, despite of their quick and great results is not designed for everyone. And, they definitely are not designed to treat everything. Clear aligners can treat simple dental conditions such as underbite, overbite, open bite, cross bite, crowded teeth and small gaps. However, if you have severe dental conditions or gaps that are 2 mm or more, you have no option but choose traditional braces to correct your problems. Here are some of the basic dental conditions that invisible aligners cannot correct.

  • Tooth Rotation – Clear aligners cannot help you if your tooth is rotated due to crowding. Clear aligners will not be able to rotate your tooth and get it back to its right position.
  • Tooth Intrusion – If you have a tooth jammed into your jawbone, clear aligners are not the solution for you.
  • Tooth extrusion – If you have a tooth that is positioned higher on the bone and is comparatively taller than all other teeth, clear braces cannot help you fix your problem.
  • Midline movement – If your teeth do not match with the imaginary line bisecting your face, then clear aligners cannot help you correct this problem if the difference on either side is more than 2mm.
  • Misshapen teeth – Clear aligners cannot correct round, pointy or even pegged teeth as the aligners will not fit your teeth perfectly.

You cannot get clear aligners or invisaligns if you have any of these above mentioned conditions. In fact, it is best advised that you take help of an orthodontist and follow the instructions offered by them. An orthodontist can easily spot your dental problems when they are evaluated in person.

Also, there are chances that clear aligners may aggravate an unknown dental condition which can only be diagnosed or identified by a dentist or an orthodontist during an in-person appointment. For instance, there are chances that your suffer from gum erosion or tissue damage due to clear aligners. Visiting an orthodontist will help you evaluate your teeth and make sure that your treatment procedure is right on track. In such conditions it is always better to be safer than sorry when choosing an ideal dental treatment plan. So, no matter what dental condition you are suffering from it is always good to visit your orthodontist first and take their expert advice on whether you are eligible or not for clear aligners or you should stick to traditional braces for the best results.s