Salgony aims to build a solid reputation as an online product recommendation service. Every year, we constantly test and report thousands of products in order to put out the best recommendations. We consumers like you to save time and get rid of the hassle of shopping around for everyday items or special gifts to friends and family.

In all our endeavors, we strive to find the best products for you. We know what items are not worth
your time and money so we can be fast and transparent and you can continue with your daily tasks.
The items we recommend are the same products we would use and recommend to our families and
circle of friends. Once we recommend a product to the public, we consider it as if we’re buying that
product with our own money.

If one of our readers buys one of the products we recommended from research, testing, interviews, and analysis, t we receive a percentage commission from the retailer. There are no upsides for us to choose a subpar product or bow down to pressure from brands and manufacturers. It’s actually the opposite.

When our reader returns the product because they’re not satisfied with the quality or due to a bad
recommendation, we will not receive any commission. We believe that this system is rather fair and
helps us keep the motivation to provide the best service to our readers first and foremost.

Our team of writers and editors is also unaware of which brands and companies we have affiliate relationships with.

Our readers’ trust is the most essential thing for us. If we recommend an item as a result of laziness or biased work, we wouldn’t have an audience to support us. We also encourage our readers to do a fact check of the recommendations on our site which all lay out the logic, time, and energy we exhausted to research, test products, and interview experts. This often takes us dozens to hundreds of hours with each guide outlining the evidence on how we make our choices.

If you have a specific challenge looking for a product, you can reach out to our team for advice. The
Salgony team is composed of knowledgeable and curious members who enjoy investigating inquiries
from readers.

Thank you for trusting Salgony,
The Salgony Team

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