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How does AlignerCo work?

There are different categories to determine the severity of teeth misalignment. If you fall into either the mild or moderate category, invisible aligners are a great option for straightening treatment. Aside from this, if you don’t play any high-impact sports or have not had a dental implant within the past three pants, you can consider invisible aligners. If you have wisdom teeth and need to remove them, that should be done before starting the treatment.

For those who are wondering if the treatment is safe for pregnant women, invisible aligners are made with BPA-free materials. This makes it safe even if you are pregnant.

AlignerCo’s entire process for teeth alignment is done completely online which means you don’t have to set foot in a dental clinic or office. Because the invisible aligners don’t have wires that can break or brackets that can fall off like with regular metal braces, the whole treatment process is comparatively less stressful. You will have a dedicated team of teeth alignment experts to manage everything related to your treatment. This is done through AlignerCo’s advanced online system.

To get started with AlignerCo’s guaranteed 100% online treatment, you will need to go through an assessment first. This is completely free of charge and conducted online. This is done to determine if clear aligners are the right option for your treatment. After so, you need to use an at-home impressions kit. All you need to do is follow their simple instructions that are already included in your impressions kit. Once you’re done, you need to send it back to AlignerCo. The company’s licensed and experienced orthodontists will analyze the impression. From there, they will create a custom plan to let you achieve that perfect smile you want and need.

AlignerCo’s clear aligners work by putting precise pressure on your teeth to slowly move them into the proper place. Every two weeks, you’ll need to adjust and move to the next aligner in the plan’s series. When you get one step closer to the final aligner, you also get closer to the end of your teeth straightening journey.



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What Do People Say About AlignerCo?

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I chose AlignerCo for several reasons which proved absolutely right for me. To begin with, AlignerCo is the most affordable clear braces brand in the market compared to all the other companies. Also, they offer both day and night time treatment plans that really attracted my attention. Being a professor by profession, I couldn’t choose the day time aligners for the long lectures and coffee breaks. Hence, I chose their night-time plan to correct the small gaps in my teeth.

What I really liked about Alignerco is the fact that despite their affordable costs they didn’t compromise with the quality of the aligners. In fact, my aligners fit my teeth perfectly and I could feel the shifting in my teeth by the second month. Now, I can’t wait for the treatment plan to finish and see end result.

Sebastian Fischer – AlignerCo
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The most pocket-friendly teeth aligners in the market for sure. Before I chose their aligners for correcting my crooked teeth, I did a little bit of research on the various top clear braces brands available in the market. And I was truly amazed by the variety I was presented with. But I chose to go with AlignerCo mostly because of their low costs, high-grade quality of the aligners and their great customer services.

I chose their day-time aligners mostly because I was working from home due to the pandemic and it worked ideally with my everyday routines. The aligners were really comfortable to wear and didn’t cause even the slightest pain. And before anyone could even make out that I was wearing aligners, my teeth had shifted and re-aligned.

Xander Criggs – AlignerCo


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Bottom Line

In summary, AlignerCo’s invisible aligners allow you to gain the perfect smile while spending less money and time. This makes it a great option for those who want to see good results but without any time limitation. Additionally, because everything is done online and in the comfort of your own space, you can skip all the hassle that comes with traditional teeth alignment treatments.

Although, whether AlignerCo is the perfect choice for you or not depends completely on the offers and treatment plan proposed to you by AlignerCo for your dental condition. It is the least expensive aligner brand in the market that offers treatment plans that last for almost 6 – 11 months. So, if you are looking for quick realigning solutions, you can look for other brands.

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