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About Byte

Byte promises to deliver results for half the cost of traditional orthodontic treatment. Byte’s Smile Science technology was developed by Dr. Jon Marashi, a cosmetic dentist who is also responsible for some of Hollywood’s most popular smiles. The Smile Science technology takes into consideration facial proportions to determine the most ideal tooth placement. Their exclusive teeth straightening process uses a combination of medical-grade clear aligners and High-Frequency Vibration to reduce treatment time by almost half of the original time frame.

The company has managed to form a network of more than 200 board-certified dentists and orthodontists. Their doctors can prescribe treatment and supervise the alignment process completely remotely. Byte’s network of doctors has an average of 12 years of expertise with clear aligners. When they design a treatment, they take into consideration each patient’s unique characteristics and goals.


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Ideal Patients for Byte’s Clear Aligner Systems

Ideal candidates for byte’s clear aligner treatment are those who have minor to moderate alignment problems. Candidates should also understand that the treatment process can take more than three months depending on the condition of their teeth. If a patient has had wisdom tooth extraction in the last six weeks, has missing teeth, or has dental implants, byte needs to closely evaluate whether they are a good candidate. To assess whether a customer is an ideal candidate, they need to send impressions of their teeth and a licensed professional from byte’s team will analyze them.

Customers who are interested in any of Byte’s clear aligner treatments can get started on their website. The website has a short online questionnaire to see if their clear aligner is the right treatment. They will ask customers their history of clear aligners or braces, the severity of teeth crowding and teeth spacing (mild, moderate, extreme, or none), whether they have a crossbite, underbite, overbite, or none, and if they lost all their baby teeth.

Patients who had wisdom tooth extraction should wait six weeks before they start a clear aligner treatment. Byte will require approval from the surgeon and the office where the procedure was done with a signed release form.

Faster Treatment Time

Byte’s exclusive technology for HyperByte uses HFV or High Frequency Vibrations to reduce treatment time and discomfort in half. Vibration-based treatments have been used by orthodontists for many years. The tiny pulses help nudge the teeth to move to the expected alignment. For All-Day aligners, HyperByte should be used for 5 minutes or more. For At-Night aligners, HyperByte should be applied for at least 10 minutes.
With HyperByte, patients can expect to complete their treatment in as fast as three months. If they use an At-Night aligner system, they can still aim to complete treatment in less than six months.

Byte’s Treatment Process

Byte’s clear aligner treatment starts with an at-home impression kit. Customers can order an impression kit online which comes with instructions on how to use it and a pre-paid shipping label. They will need this to send the impressions back to byte’s address. An orthodontist will evaluate the impressions and start creating a customized treatment plan. They will explain to each patient how the treatment is expected to progress using an interactive 3D prototype.

It could take four to six weeks to produce the clear aligners. Byte’s clear aligners are made from medical-grade, BPA-free, stain-resistant, polymer film, and tear-resistant material that is almost invisible. If byte’s professional experts do not see someone as a good fit, they will refund the total cost of the impression kit.

Clear aligners are changed every week and every two weeks for All-Day at At-Night systems respectively. The treatment plan will indicate how many sets of clear aligners the patient will need to go through. They will also need to upload their progress and consult with their doctor every month. Once the treatment is completed, patients will receive a free set of retainers to maintain their smiles.

Byte For Life Guarantee

The Byte for Life Guarantee assures patients if their teeth move out of the proper alignment, Byte will provide treatment with no extra cost. Byte will send out new impression kits, a new treatment plan, and new sets of clear aligners to correct the misaligned teeth. However, the Byte for Life Guarantee does not include a new HyperByte device. Only the teeth that were included in the original treatment plan will be covered by the Bye for Life Guarantee.

Two Types of Aligner Treatment

There are two types of treatment patients can choose from – an All-Day Aligner system and an At-Night Aligner system.

All-Day Aligners

For the All-Day Aligner system, patients need to wear their clear aligners for 22 hours a day. It is recommended to remove the aligners only before eating, drinking, or brushing the teeth. With All-Day aligners, patients can expect to complete the treatment within three to four months. They will also need to change the set of clear aligners every week to follow the treatment plan. Each treatment plan purchased from byte will include BrightByte, which is a 3 in 1 solution that acts as an aligner cleanser, teeth whitener, and breath freshener. Patients will also get a HyperByte device which is an exclusive technology that accelerates treatment time and reduces it in half.

At-Night Aligners

The At-Night clear aligners are worn continuously for 10 hours each day. Patients can pop them on before getting into bed and remove them as they start a new day. For At-Night clear aligners, the average time to complete treatment ranges from four to six months. It is longer than the All-Day aligner system since At-Night aligners are worn for only 10 hours. At-Night aligners are also changed less frequently. Patients need to switch to a new set of clear aligners every two weeks. Both BrightByte and HyperByte are also included in the At-Night aligner system.

Other In-Office Services

Although the straightening treatments are administered 100% remotely, byte offers other dental services conducted in-office as well. These treatments include repairing a chipped tooth, tooth extraction, dental implants, and other similar services for patients who may require them.

What Do People Say About Byte?

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When I was in my teens, my dentist had suggested traditional braces for the gaps in between my teeth in the upper jaw. But because of my college expenses and schedule, I couldn’t go for them. But now that I have a good job I chose to go for their at-night treatment plan. The aligners are good quality, thick and really strong. I wore them all night without fail which resulted to the amazing results I received in a very short time. As promised, the results are just as they had shown in the preview. They are a genuine company and I am happy that I chose Byte over all other brands.

Rosetta Parks – Byte
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I just started my treatment procedure 2 months ago and I can already feel the difference in my teeth. After the impression kit arrived and I sent my impressions, the liners arrived quickly. Surprisingly, the procedure was very simple and didn’t take much time.

What made me choose Byte over other teeth aligners is its cost, quick services, finance options and great results. Now that I am half way through the treatment and can already feel the changes in my teeth line, I can’t wait to see the end result.

Tess Jones – Byte
Atlanta, Georgia
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Impressive and definitely worth trying! Byte has the most impressive customer reviews which really caught my attention. Compared to other clear braces brands, byte also offered me finance options which greatly helped me to go ahead with their clear aligners treatment plan for correcting my crooked teeth.

The aligners not only fit my teeth perfectly but they also started correcting the position of the teeth almost instantly. By the first month, I could feel the shifting which was a great sign. It took me almost 4 months to get my teeth re-aligned. Even the post treatment retainers are great and I am right now on my second retainer. Their customer service team is also great and always there to help you with your doubts.

Vivian Hobbs – Byte
Lancaster, South Carolina
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Byte really worked on my teeth and smile! I decided to order the impression kit after reading the reviews online and was a little sceptical about it though. However, the instructions and impressions kit arrived much earlier than I had expected. I took the impression and sent it back to them the very next day. The process was simple and once the impression was analysed by their experts, they sent a representative to discuss the payment options and the treatment period.

I received the liners soon and I started wearing them as per the instructions provided by their representative. It took a little less than 5 months to straighten my teeth. And believe me, I couldn’t be happier. I have already recommended it to my friends and family.

William Hutton – Byte
Atlanta, Georgia

Only $83/month

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Cost of Byte Clear Aligners

One-Time Payment and Flexible Monthly Payments

Byte’s All-Day clear aligners cost $1,895 when paid up-front. The At-Night aligners will cost $2,295 with a one-time payment. For patients who are looking for more flexible and affordable payment options, Byte offers monthly payment plans.

For the All-Day clear aligners, the patient will need to pay $83 per month with a $349 down payment. For the At-Night clear aligners, it will cost $99 per month with a down payment of $449. The monthly payment plan is spread out to 29 months. If a customer started with a monthly payment plan and decided to pay the remaining, they can call customer service to arrange the payment.

Their BytePay system is an inclusive system that allows everyone to access their products and services. BytePay has a 100% approval rate where customers can get approved even if they have poor credit. Byte offers a military discount of $150 and a refer-a-friend discount worth $100.

Pay with Insurance

For patients with an insurance policy, Byte can check whether the clear aligners will be covered by the policy. All they need are the insurance card details and Byte will handle all the necessary work. Byte will get in touch with the insurance company and provide the required documents to see how much insurance can cover. For insurance policies that use a reimbursement method, one of Byte’s Insurance Specialists can help patients through the process. Byte also accepts payments using a Health Savings account or a Flexible Spending Account.

The following is a list of insurance companies that work directly with Byte:

• Guardian
• Anthem/Blue Cross
• Blue Cross/Blue Shield
• Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield
• Empire Blue Cross

Schedule an Appointment

Customers who are interested in byte’s clear aligners can head over to their website at to answer a short quiz on candidacy. If they are a good candidate, byte will direct them to a checkout page to get their impression kit. During this step, customers can select whether they want the All-Day clear aligners or the At-Night clear aligners.

Placing an order for an impression kit does not mean that customers need to start the aligner treatment. The impressions should be sent back to byte so that the company’s experts can assess the condition and if clear aligner treatment is a good option. If they approve a patient for clear aligner treatment, they will create a custom treatment plan. The patient will be asked to approve the plan so that byte can send the sets of clear aligners.

Throughout the treatment, patients should schedule teledentistry appointments so their doctors can get updates on their progress. The dentist or orthodontist can check if the treatment is developing as expected or if there are any changes that need to be done.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for fast, effective and also guaranteed teeth re-alignment solutions, Byte is the perfect choice for you.

Out of all the reputed clear braces brands reviewed by us, we rate Byte as one of the topmost invisible aligner brands. Right from their quality, services and guarantee, Byte has managed to win the votes of all their customers. In fact, it has won accolades from almost all industry reviewers and experts who are known to give trustworthy reviews to the readers.

Byte aligners are comfortable, strong, affordable and also effective in providing the desired results. You can wear these invisible braces without worrying about your appearance or your professional life. The braces are almost invisible and go unnoticed. However, what really makes them the best in the market is their use of advanced technology, life-time guarantee and their post-treatment care that ensures you perfectly white and symmetrically aligned teeth for a lifetime.

Get started now, visit Byte.