Oct 25, 2022 | Clear Braces

The 5 Best Clear Aligners For Perfect Teeth

Peri Elgrot

Top 10 Clear Braces Expert

All of us want a nice smile and a lot of us wish we had straighter teeth. Sadly, we don’t always have the time or money needed to get traditional orthodontic care. The better alternative then is at-home teeth straightening service.

We’ve reviewed and ranked 5 of the best at-home teeth aligner companies. To help you find the right option, we outlined the important details that set these aligner companies apart as well as the pros and cons of at-home teeth straightening treatment.


1. Byte: Best Value
2. Candid: Superior Service
3. AlignerCo: Most Affordable
4. SmileDirectClub: Most-acknowledged
5. NewSmile: Notable Newbie
6. Pros & Cons of Home Treatment
7. More Factors to Consider

1. Byte: Best Value

Our top recommendation for your home teeth-straightening solution is byte. Although the company is younger and less established compared to SmileDirectClub, it has made significant moves since it entered the scene back in mid-2018.

byte’s top priority is to provide customers with an excellent experience and this includes personalized support and the fastest treatment times in the industry. They deliver impressive results with their custom treatment plans that use unique vibration technology. Furthermore, their process is twice as fast compared to other aligner brands.


1. The HyperByte vibration device is responsible for byte’s treatment that finishes in just 3 months on average. Most dentists charge around $1,000 or more for similar vibration devices, but byte includes it for free in your aligner package.

2. Their customers are consistently satisfied by the quality of their 100% US-based customer support. Byte’s customer service team is easily accessible through their social media, phone, and email. On top of this, byte also offers the option of getting in getting in touch with a personal advisor who will respond to questions and other concerns.

3. Additionally, byte’s “At-Night” plan provides an even more flexible and discreet treatment option. It requires only 10 hours of continuous wear per day and byte At-Night aligners are made of a thicker grind-resistant material to deliver safer and more efficient results with less daily wear time.

4. Customers are also insured with their byte-for-life guarantee. The company promises that if your teeth shift back after completing the treatment they’ll give you new aligners to realign your smile for free. The guarantee is good even years down the road.

5. Unlike many companies in the industry, byte’s financing plan doesn’t require a credit check. This means customers are able to get started with treatment faster and without impacting their credit score.


1. As of the moment, byte doesn’t have physical locations where customers can get their teeth scanned. To begin the process, you’ll need to complete an impression kit from home.

2. The company also has only been around since 2018, so they aren’t as well-established as industry giants like SmileDirectClub.


2. Candid: Superior Service

Another relative newcomer to the home aligner scene is Candid. However, they’re rapidly gaining popularity and earning a lot of positive reviews. Since entering the industry in 2017, they’ve continuously gone the extra mile in delivering a quality product.

Candid is the only company so far to guarantee orthodontist-overseen treatment. They are the first to provide the option of virtual checkups with their team of orthodontists as you go through the whole treatment. Candid’s dedication to product quality makes them stand out from the rest.

Candid Advantages

1. The company works exclusively with orthodontists rather than just general dentists to customers the highest possible treatment quality.

2. Candid has partnered with ClearCorrect, the second-largest manufacturer of invisible aligners in the U.S. With this, you can feel confident that your aligners are well-designed and of high quality.

3. The company’s exemplary Remote Monitoring system allows you to take digital scans of your teeth periodically throughout the treatment process so your orthodontist can evaluate the progress in every step of the way.

4. Prior to starting the treatment, Candid holds video interviews with all new customers. This is to ensure the orthodontist overseeing your care has the full picture of your bite and dental health, enabling them to design the most effective treatment plan. Other companies only ask for photos of your teeth.


1. Candid’s upfront price is significantly higher than any other provider for that matter in the industry.

2. Their average correction time is much longer than byte’s because they don’t use dental vibration technology in their treatment plans.

3. AlignerCo: Most Affordable

AlignerCo is another brand new home aligner company that’s attracting attention in the current scene. However, unlike byte, they’re not doing it with treatment time, rather with the industry’s most affordable prices. AlignerCo is perfect for the budget-conscious out there. The company offers amazing prices without having to sacrifice quality and customer service.


1. AlignerCo’s package, priced at $1,145, is significantly less expensive than all of its competitors. Additionally, from time to time, they have promotions that discount their already cheaper price.

2. Similar to byte and SmileDirectClub, the company approves all customers for financing with the SmileFlex Easy plan. This is their standard SmileFlex plan that requires a soft credit check.

3. Customers enjoy effective and timely solutions provided by AlignerCo’s support team.


1. The company doesn’t include whitening products for free with their treatment plan. Although doing this helps them offer lower prices.

2. They have fewer customer feedback and reviews compared to larger companies like byte and Candid. This makes it difficult to get a reliable gauge of the overall customer experience.

3. Compared to some of their competitors, treatment with AlignerCo can take longer.

4. SmileDirectClub: Most-acknowledged

One of the first companies to offer at-home clear aligner treatment is SmileDirectClub and it currently is the most popular option. Founded back in 2014, they have served over a million customers to date.


1. The company has more than 300 locations spread across the U.S. Customers can visit one of their “SmileShops” to get a 3D image of their teeth taken. This will then be sent to one of their dentists to determine whether or not a customer is a candidate for treatment. It also is a more convenient alternative to taking impressions at home, which some patients find to be a more complicated process.

2. As they’ve treated such a high volume of cases, they have more experience dealing with a wide variety of conditions, questions, and complications.

3. The company provides guaranteed treatment financing through Smilepay with no credit check required.


1. Currently, SmileDirectClub’s customer support is a bit of a hit-or-miss. They’ve gathered a significant amount of complaints regarding shipping delays and inconsistent communication when issues arise during treatment.

2. Their 4-6 month average treatment time is longer when compared to byte’s.

5. NewSmile: Notable Newbie

A newer and less expensive option is NewSmile. They also offer the second-fastest alignments in the industry, second only to byte. The company also provides a nighttime-only alignment option for the same low price as their standard alignment plans.


1. NewSmile offers very low prices on top of frequent discounts.

2. The company includes an impression kit, retainers, and three months of whitening products at no extra charge in your treatment plan. Many competitors will charge you an additional for any or all of these items.

3. They have a nighttime-only plan which only requires you to wear your aligners for ten hours per day. Furthermore, NewSmile does not charge extra for this option unlike others in the industry.

4. NewSmile’s financing plans don’t require a credit check allowing all customers to qualify.


1. Currently, they do not have any retail locations where you can get an in-office teeth scan. This makes at-home impression kits your only option.

2. NewSmile is a newcomer to the at-home alignment market so they don’t have as much customer feedback compared to their relatively older competitors.

6. Pros & Cons of Home Treatment

Online clear aligners are definitely more convenient and affordable compared to in-office options such as braces or Invisalign. However, this doesn’t always mean they’re the appropriate choice for everyone. Depending on your condition, you may benefit from face-to-face dental care. It really is a case to case basis so to help you decide if at-home teeth alignment is the right option for you, here are the pros and cons of this treatment method


1. At-home clear aligners are cheaper compared to the traditional orthodontic treatment. The price is typically somewhere between a third or a half of the cost of braces or Invisalign.

2. Because there is no need for monthly office visits, home aligners free up a lot of time in your schedule. This is perfect for busy people. However, you should still go to the dentist before beginning treatment as this ensures you don’t have anything else that needs to be addressed.

3. The treatment process only takes an average of six months to complete. This is shorter compared to in-office treatment.

4. Home aligner treatment is designed to be the most discreet. There are even providers who offer a nighttime-only option for those who want to keep their treatment truly low-profile.


1. This treatment process is only good for mild to moderate cases of spacing and crowding, and minor bite issues. At-home aligners aren’t as effective for severe cases of misalignment.

2. Companies don’t take x-rays of your teeth before designing your treatment plan. What you can do is to visit your local dentist to make sure there isn’t anything problematic before beginning the treatment process.

7. More Factors to Consider

As you evaluate all the companies in this list, it is recommended to consider these five factors: Effectiveness, Affordability, Convenience, Appearance, and Customer Support. Our 5 best at-home teeth aligners list was made by considering all of these criteria. However, we’ve also rated them based on each criterion.


For customers on a tight budget, orthodontic treatment is not the best option. Home aligners are surprisingly affordable as they don’t require office visits. However, the prices vary depending on the provider making some home aligners a better fit for your budget than others.

When talking about affordability, AlignerCo easily takes the center stage. However, you should also note that there is more to the equation than just their upfront price-point.


At-home clear aligner services are more convenient than others. There are, of course, variations in service offerings that make starting or completing treatment easier or more difficult. SmileDirectClub and byte are our most recommended when it comes to convenience.


With any orthodontic treatment, the goal is to be effective. The product design, level of expertise, and quality of materials should all be considered when assessing the effectiveness of treatment.


All of the companies in our list create their aligners using clear, BPA-free plastic. However, they vary in their process and design. Some tend to be more or less visible than others.

Customer Support

If something does go wrong with your treatment, you surely need to be ensured that you have someone to go to for support. This makes a reliable customer support system an important factor in choosing where to get your at-home aligner treatment from.


We know that at-home aligners are more novel compared to traditional dental treatments. As such, this article provided much-needed information for those still unsure or hesitant. Have you found the right option for your at-home teeth straightening service?