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SmileDirectClub is one of the earliest companies to offer clear teeth aligners in the market. They provide both at-home and in-office options to start a treatment. They are a popular choice among consumers who want to achieve straighter teeth. The brand quickly became successful and grew in popularity because of its affordable prices. In this review, we have all the information you’ll need if you are interested in SmileDirectClub’s clear teeth aligners. click to read more

Byte is an at-home invisible braces company that aims to provide easier access to often inaccessible orthodontic treatments. Byte’s comapny headquarters is established in Los Angeles. Their invisible braces are designed to correct mild to moderate alignment issues. Byte’s exclusive teledentistry program gets rid of the need for in-office checkups with a dentist. click to read more

AlignerCo is one of the leading companies when it comes to invisible aligners. They are currently based in New York and services customers all around the United States. The company offers services and packages for people who want straighter teeth without the hassle of visiting clinics for physical appointments. The company provides fully customized teeth-straightening plans designed specifically per customer by a team of experts. Each customer is guaranteed to get the smile they want and need in the shortest possible time. click to read more

Candid is one of the newer brands of clear aligners in the market. The company was established by a team of five people that includes Nick Greenfield and Lilla Cosgrove. They wanted to find a way to achieve straighter teeth without having to pay $5,000. The team partnered with Dr. C. Lynn Hurst, a world-renowned orthodontist, to help them establish Candid. click to read more