Before starting with SmileDirectClub, a dental impression of your teeth is important. There is an option of going to your local SmileShop for a thorough examination. Or you may acquire their impression kit in order to obtain a 3D imprint of your teeth. But if you choose the latter, this can be done at home and needs to be sent to your dentist for a review before determining whether or not you are a good candidate for the procedure. Only then a personalized treatment plan for your teeth corrections will be created if you are truly decided to continue treatment with them. Click to read more

Byte promises to deliver results for half the cost of traditional orthodontic treatment. Byte’s Smile Science technology was developed by Dr. Jon Marashi, a cosmetic dentist who is also responsible for some of Hollywood’s most popular smiles. The Smile Science technology takes into consideration facial proportions to determine the most ideal tooth placement. Their exclusive teeth straightening process uses a combination of medical-grade clear aligners and High-Frequency Vibration to reduce treatment time by almost half of the original time frame. Click to read more

AlignerCo’s entire process for teeth alignment is done completely online which means you don’t have to set foot in a dental clinic or office. Because the invisible aligners don’t have wires that can break or brackets that can fall off like with regular metal braces, the whole treatment process is comparatively less stressful. You will have a dedicated team of teeth alignment experts to manage everything related to your treatment. This is done through AlignerCo’s advanced online system. Click to read more

Candid is one of the newer brands of clear aligners in the market. The company was established by a team of five people that includes Nick Greenfield and Lilla Cosgrove. They wanted to find a way to achieve straighter teeth without having to pay $5,000. The team partnered with Dr. C. Lynn Hurst, a world-renowned orthodontist, to help them establish Candid Click to read more