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SmileDirectClub Company Summary

SmileDirectClub was established by Alex Fenkell and Jordan Katsman in 2014. The two co-founders met in a summer camp that they attended when they were 13 years old. The two connected and remained friends throughout the years as they shared their passion to innovate. As adults, they decided to enter a partnership with Camelot Venture Group to bring to life one of their visions. They wanted to create a more accessible and more economical method for people who wanted orthodontic treatment.

Since the launch of the company, it has grown in popularity over the years. Currently, SmileDirectClub has more than 390 locations across the United States and employs more than 6,300 staff members. The company has several different services that they offer. These include their clear teeth aligner treatment, whitening treatment, and other oral maintenance products.


How Does SmileDirectClub Work?

SmileDirectClub provides a complete end-to-end teledentistry service without a 300% markup that comes with other brands of invisible braces. Their clear aligners are 100% manufactured in the United States using their 3D printing facility.

SmileDirectClub offers clear teeth aligners that are well-suited for people with mild up to moderate alignment correction issues. SmileDirect Club clear aligners have the best effect on people with crowding issues and spacing issues. They can also approve candidates with minor overbite, underbite, and crossbite correction. For individuals who are interested in their clear aligners, their website has a short questionnaire that is easy to follow. The questionnaire includes indicating a history of braces or invisible braces, the person’s biggest smile concern, the severity of teeth spacing teeth crowding, and an email address to send the results to.

Individuals who have more severe correction issues are often recommended to use a different orthodontic treatment such as traditional metal braces. SmileDirectClub provides a Smile Assessment to determine whether a client or patient is an ideal fit for their clear aligners. This can be done in two ways – use an at-home impression kit or visit a SmileShop to get a scan in-person.

In-Person Treatment and Virtual Treatment

One of the advantages of SmileDirectClub is that they offer in-office and at-home options for their patients. The patients can decide how they want to start their treatment. First, they can schedule a visit to one of SmileDirectClub’s Smile Shops and get a free scan. Second, the patient can purchase an impression kit that they can use to make their own molds of their teeth. The SmileDirectClub dental support team can be reached through video chat, email, phone call, or text. They are also available 24/7.

The Treatment Process

The scan or the impressions of the teeth are used to create 3D images to visualize and evaluate the condition of your teeth. An appointment at their SmileShop normally takes 30 minutes to complete. They send the image directly to their laboratory. Then, a dental professional will start creating a custom treatment plan based on the 3D images of the teeth. A licensed dentist or orthodontist will assess and approve the treatment plan so they can get started on creating the clear aligners. The treatment plan will include a 3D visualization of how the teeth look like before and the expected results after the treatment.

SmileDirectClub will send you all the sets of clear aligners you’ll need in the treatment as well as a whitening treatment. The clear teeth aligners are made of plastic that is BPA-free. The trays fit tightly over the teeth and slowly shift them into the proper alignment. Clear aligners also feel more comfortable for the wearer compared to traditional metal braces.

Initially, you will need to change your clear aligners every week to gently change the position of the teeth. This schedule is designed using their exclusive computer algorithm and is customized for every patient. For traditional clear aligners, the recommended wear-time is 22 hours every day. For the nighttime clear aligners, patients only need to wear them for 10 hours every night.

While the treatment is ongoing, the clear aligners should be worn all the time. The only exceptions for wearing clear aligners are when you are drinking or eating. The average treatment time using SmileDirectClub’s clear aligners is four to six months. However, since each person is a unique case, some patients can complete treatment in less than four months.

If you are concerned about wearing aligners all day, SmileDirectClub offers a night-only treatment plan. When you also choose the nighttime clear aligners, you should expect that the treatment plan will take longer to complete. Nighttime clear aligners are a great option for people who can’t commit to wearing clear aligners for a whole day.

In the duration of the treatment, patients can track their progress online with their prescribing doctor. They offer many channels to reach their support team and the dental care team. The company also has a telehealth app that is aimed to help patients track their progress and consult with their doctors if needed.


SmileDirectClub aims to provide more accessible and more affordable orthodontic treatments. The prices of SmileDirectClub clear aligners are 60% cheaper than that of traditional metal braces. With SmileDirectClub, there is no price markup on the clear aligners. One advantage of choosing SmileDirectClub is that their regular clear aligner treatment and nighttime clear aligner treatment cost the same.

Patients can choose between two payment methods – single pay or SmilePay – for their treatment. For single pay, patients can make an upfront payment of $1,950 for their treatment plan. This price includes the sets of clear aligners and a whitening treatment. For SmilePay, patients will need to pay $89 a month for 24 months with a $250 down payment. The whitening treatment is also included in the monthly payment plan. If you choose a monthly payment option, the total amounts to $2,386. Despite the additional cost, SmilePay is a great choice for people who are on a tight budget and cannot afford the one-time payment.

If you decide to start the treatment with an impression kit, you’ll need to purchase their kit for $59. If SmileDirectClub determines that clear aligners are not a good fit for you, they will refund the cost of the impression kit. After completing the treatment, it is recommended to wear retainers in order to maintain the proper alignment of the teeth. SmileDirectClub’s retainers are available for $99.

The company also offers a Lifetime Smile Guarantee. Within the first 30 days, if the patient decides that clear teeth aligners are not right for them, SmileDirectClub will give a full refund as part of their Money-Back Promise. The customer will shoulder the shipping costs. During treatment, if a patient feels like the results do not meet the expected outcome, SmileDirectClub will continue providing treatment at no extra charge. They can also send back unused clear aligners and receive a prorated refund. If you order two sets of retainers every year, you will maintain and continue their Lifetime Smile Guarantee.

Check with Your Insurance Provider

Ask your insurance provider if your policy coverage includes orthodontic treatments such as clear aligners or invisible braces. For the majority of the cases, SmileDirectClub will work with your insurance company directly regarding the payment. This way, the patient will only need to pay the remaining balance after insurance and available discounts are applied to the total bill. SmileDirectClub can also accept payments through HSA or FSA debit card and CareCredit.

Some insurance companies will ask the policyholder to pay for the final cost of the treatment then file for reimbursement. SmileDirectClub can provide the necessary forms to apply for a reimbursement claim. The company will also evaluate your insurance coverage to determine the best payment system.

Set an Appointment with SmileDirectClub

You can schedule a 3D scan for free in any of the SmileShops nationwide. SmileDirectClub has hundreds of SmileShops across the United States. If you are interested in starting clear aligner treatment, you can check their website for SmileShops that are open.

Patients can schedule a visit through the SmileDireclub website or using the telehealth platform. If you prefer to stay at home and do everything remotely, you can order the impression kit on their website instead. After a dentist or orthodontist approves your treatment, they will send all the sets of clear aligners directly to your home address. You can start the journey to a more beautiful smile.

Below is a complete list of states with a SmileShop. You can check their website at to check which locations are open if you want to book a visit.

CaliforniaMassachusettsPuerto Rico
ColoradoMichiganSouth Carolina
District of ColumbiaMissouriTexas
GeorgiaNew JerseyVirginia
HawaiiNew YorkWashington
IllinoisNorth CarolinaWisconsin

What Do People Say About Smile Direct Club?

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Great customer services!

I got a 3D teeth scan to check if I was eligible or not for SmileDirect’s clear braces and services I received were absolutely great. The scan results were impressing and they also gave me a preview of how my teeth would shift and look after the treatment procedure. Based on the preview, I went ahead with their offered teeth alignment plan and the outcome has been absolutely stunning for me. The crooked teeth are now all in-perfect alignment and this has totally changed my smile. I went through their treatment for 6 months to get the desired results. Also, every time I contacted them for my queries, they were genuinely great to answer back and make sure that I was happy with the treatment and services.

Damien Wilde – SmileDirectClub
Kenosha, Wisconsin
quote imageauthor image

SmileDirectClub has changed my smile completely! And I am really happy with the way my teeth have shifted and been re-aligned with the help of their clear braces. I had a good gap between my teeth which affected my smile and appearance. So, instead of going for the traditional braces, I opted for the clear braces offered by SmileDirectClub. Thankfully, the choice I made proved to be perfect for my teeth and within just 4 months of the treatment, I could see the difference. It took me almost 7 months to realign the teeth as expected by their experts. The aligners are so easy to use and take care. And I never had any problems with their fitting or inner cheek cuts because of them. So yes, I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to realign their teeth and correct their smiles.

Grace Collins – SmileDirectClub
Naperville, Illinois
quote imageauthor image

Let me start from the beginning! I had gaps between my teeth which had become very annoying for me, especially because of my work that demanded me to stay in the public eye all through the week. And hence, I really wanted to re-align my teeth and have a perfect look.

Smile helped me re-align my teeth and it changed my entire look and smile. People noticed my changed look and commented on how different I looked just because of the invisible braces. The treatment procedure was 7 months long but was definitely worth it. Thank you Smile so much for improving my smile!

Vincenzo Guerro – SmileDirectClub

Bottom Line

SmileDirectClub is undoubtedly one of the best and most reputed home aligner brands in the market today. Their clear braces are strong and made out of BPA free strong plastic that gives your teeth a very natural look. They also offer excellent customer service team and all the needed guidance that will help you wear your braces perfectly every day. Also, their Smile SmileShops help you get a more clear idea about your dental condition and whether you are an appropriate candidate for their treatment plans or not. They are a genuine company that has corrected the smiles of more than millions of users across the country.

Like all other home aligners, even Smile Direct has its own restrictions and works only on mild to moderate teeth alignment problems. So, if you have very intense dental conditions, it is suggested that you take help of your nearby dentist or orthodontists who can correct your condition with the traditional braces or any other suggested treatment method.

Get started now, visit SmileDirectClub.